Single Panel

The single panel is a sandwich panel made of two galvanized electro-welded mesh, joined by connectors and by an appropriately shaped polystyrene sheet (EPS) of variable thickness according to specific architectural and insulation requirements.

This insulated precast panel, subsequently completed onsite, is used for:

  • Main walls in structures completely made with panels, compatibly with the structural inspections and technical standards.
  • Main walls in structures with wooden roof or any other material.
  • Partition walls.
  • Infill walls of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Infill of prefabricated industrial buildings or castings.


Floor / Roof Panel

The floor panel is a sandwich panel used for floor and roof coverings, whose thickness varies according to the spans and the design loads.

This panel, prefabricated in the factory, is generally completed on site by placing concrete into the ribs and upper concrete casting: a sort of a disposable, insulating formwork, whose thickness of polystyrene (EPS) varies according to the requirements of insulation and structural resistance. Alternatively, the reinforcement and casting can be done directly in the factory, as for the prefabricated concrete floors.

These insulated panels are used for:

  • floors of structures completely made with panels;
  • floors of buildings made with prefabricated structures, onsite castings or made with metal structure;
  • floors of prefabricated modules.